Small Biz Tuesday Tip from Tweva – Outdoor Signs

What type of outdoor sign do you have for your business?

You have potential customers always looking around when driving by or walking by your small business. What do you have out to sell them on walking into your location vs someone else? Something bright and catchy obviously, but also point out some things you do better is always great to have on your sign. A sale next week, a featured meal tonight, or Thursday nights live music.. Put it all out there! If you have not changed your sign in a while, remember there are these types:¬†monument signs, illuminated graphics, directional signage, banners, pylon signs, display systems, LED multi-message, window graphics, neon signs, rotating signs, and vinyl text and logos. Oh yeah and sign spinners too.. Just something to think about today… until next time…

What outdoor sign have you found that is working for you?