Small Biz Tip – Sponsor a local sports team

Some local sports teams have large followers, and if you sponsor one you can help them buy equipment for their team.  The sponsorship of a favorite local team will also bring your small business into the spotlight during those busy days out on the field. Parents and families are standing around ...

Advertise on Social Media

Small business owners are using social media marketing to publicize their brands. As a small business owner, you should also be using various social media platforms to reach out to more customers. Facebook, being the commonly used social media platform, is a resource that you should explore fully. You should ...

Small Biz Tip – Make a viral video

A viral video marketing strategy is enough to move your small business from an unknown to a household name in a short duration of time. Viral video marketing is highly shareable, engaging, and emotional to viewers. Viral videos are known to spread like a virus to potential customers through offline ...
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